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Day Care and Dog Boarding Testimonials from
North West London Dog Owners

Happy Dogs, Happy Owners...

"A Doggies Life have been looking after Harley, our black labrador, for doggie daycare since he was 10 weeks old. He is now two and half years old, so A Doggies Life are well and truly part of Harley's family. Harley waits at the front door every morning during the week for his carer to arrive. As soon as he sees his carer he trots off to the van, with his tail wagging, without a thought of his snug bed behind.

The service they offer is fantastic. They are very professional and extremely reliable, we know that they will never let us or Harley down and that he is having a great time, while we are at work. He comes home fully exercised and happy. We receive photos of Harley with the other dogs from time to time, which show him really enjoying his time at the farm. In addition, our vet has commented that he is very healthy, with his weight controlled and a healthy coat, heart etc.

I would recommend this service to anyone, it is truly first class. We are delighted and wouldn't want Harley to go anywhere else during the day, whilst we are at work. Our pampered pooch is lucky to have such
a charmed life!"

Linda Shepherd & Harley

"Our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Hubble, has been going to A Doggies Life for 18 months. He had come highly recommended from a friend who had been using the doggy day care facilities. From the moment we made contact, we were impressed by their professionalism.  They suggested that we come and visit the farm to see how the operation is run.  We were asked to complete forms detailing characteristics about Hubble and they requested to see his vaccination record.  In addition we were asked if he tried to run away at any stage – the answer to which was yes, when he was out with the dog walker.  They insisted that he would be allowed to run around the farm but on a very long lead.  All this instilled all the confidence I needed to allow our much loved dog to be safely in A Doggies Life care.

When we asked the team to address a couple of issues we had regarding pulling on the lead and a tendency to being slightly anti-social with some dogs, they gave us the necessary training that we needed to correct this. Not only does Hubble get very excited when the van pulls up in the morning, but comes home a very ‘happy chappy’. Hubble has spent many a holiday with A Doggies Life and their dogs and has come back very happy and very fit. I would highly recommend the service they provide which is extremely reliable and professional."

Sharon Downs & Hubble

"Finding A Doggies Life was a stroke of luck for us and Reuben loves his days out on the farm! He has become much more sociable with other dogs from running with the pack and it's a weight off our minds to know he's being well looked after during the day. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the area."  

Freya & Reuben

"A Doggies Life has been taking Dylan to day care for about a year now, one to two times per week. Dylan is about 10 years old and had been rescued by the RSPCA in Wales, he had been starved and eating all manner of things just to stay alive. Dylan had a big issue with other dogs which we thought was aggression. We heard about A Doggies Life via another couple who send their dog to day care.

The team took Dylan to day care and introduced him to the other dogs in stages, Dylan now runs around with lots of other dogs without any problems off of the lead. The service is very good, Dylan is collected in the morning and is dropped off in the afternoon or early evening. Dylan has also boarded for a week, we were worried that he would fret as he had spent 2 years in kennels which distressed him greatly but he had no problem staying with A Doggies Life.

Dylan greets the team like an old friend and even though he is rather elderly he has no problem getting out of bed to go to the farm. My husband and myself are happy to recommend A Doggies Life service to anyone, in fact I have done so just today."

Lyn, Dave & Dylan

"Apollo attends Doggy Day Care twice a week. His excitement when he gets picked up in the mornings is likened to a child on Christmas morning - he bounds out to his collector and clearly awaits the day ahead! A Doggies Life reliability is 2nd to none always arriving early morning and always fully informative on Apollo's activities with the other dogs often giving a good account of his behavior with all the other dogs.

A Doggies Life has a wealth of advice to give on dogs from every aspect of their behavior and rearing. Apollo is a very energetic German Sheppard always requiring a good work out to tire him out. On his Day Care days this is clearly achieved as we often find him spread out motionless in the evenings.

I cannot recommend the VIP service anymore. If you are looking for a professional, experienced Day Care service for your dog then there is no better place to look. "

Alex & Apollo

"Ollie always comes home from the farm tired and happy - and sometimes a little bit dirty - the tell tale sign that he has had a really great time!! We have real peace of mind knowing that Ollie is spending the day in excellent care with all his buddies.  Sometimes I think he prefers it there to home!"

Sarah & Ollie



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